Open-air celebration for SERAW‘s Day


The 15th anniversary of SERAW‘s establishment was marked off with a big open-air celebration on the 14 June 2019.
Nearly 500 people – workers and employees of the specialized sections from Kozloduy and Novi Han, as well as from Chief Administration – Sofia gathered together in Botev Park, on the Danube river bank. In his address to them the Executive Director of SERAW – Dilyan Petrov emphasized the organisation’s exceptional rates of development in its 15-year history and the key role, which SERAW has in protecting the people and the environment from the harmful effect of the generated low and intermediate level RAW.
The mayor of Kozloduy Municipality Marinela Nikolova congratulated the management team and the employees for the anniversary. “Thank you for the partnership and the joint initiatives, for your support and our common work, as a result of which good things are happening in our municipality, because you are both SERAW employees and citizens of the municipality and I believe that together we will continue its development”, said Marinela Nikolova.
The centerpiece of the event’s program was the presentation of two books written by SERAW employees. Margarita Korkinova – Deputy Executive Director of „Finances, administration and security“ told of the in-depth research „Legal risk regulation in nuclear energetics“, published in a recently printed book. It is the work of associate professor Olga Borissova, a member of the SERAW legal team until recently, who is now a lecturer in VFU “Chernorizetz Hrabar”. Ira Stefanova – Chief Engineer of SD „NDF“, author of the publication „Disposal of low and intermediate level RAW“, handed a copy of her book to Snezhina Tzvetanova – principal of PSSNE „Igor Kurchatov“ as a symbolic sign of the established partnership between the school and SERAW.Thanks to said partnership, a new “RAW Management” class is unveiled for the upcoming school year.
All of the participants in the celebration enjoyed the wonderful performances during the concert of the popular singer Rositza Peicheva and dance formation “Etnoritym” from Plovdiv on the occasion of SERAW’s 15th anniversary.