The Repository near Novi Han – a host of expert level events


In November 2017, Specialised Division RAW Permanent Repository – Novi Han of SERAW hosted several international initiatives.
In the period 16-17 November, an expert mission of representatives of the Belgian company Belgoprocess took place. Both parties shared information about the practices used in the management of RAW from nuclear applications. An opinion was expressed on the continuation of bilateral cooperation in 2018 in the following areas:
•    Development of a concept Waste in  SD RAWPR – Novi Han suitable for plasma burning, headed by Mr. Jan Deckers;
•    Training of two specialists from SD PRRAW – Novi Han on the site of Belgoprocess in the subject of RAW characterization methods.
As part of a project of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a two-day training course was conducted for two Jordanian and one Iraqi specialist (IAEA’s specializing professionals) in the field of RAW management from nuclear applications with practical exercises included.
At the end of November, a workshop was held with specialists from the Fund for financing the decommissioning of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant and the RAW and SNF disposal, Republic of Croatia. The main topic of the visit agenda was the management of RAW from nuclear applications.
The Specialists from Jordan, Iraq and Croatia expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the SD RAWPR – Novi Han team for the attention and expert assistance they have been given.