Mission and values


The MISSION of the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is the safe management of radioactive waste generated by nuclear power plants and nuclear applications in medicine, industry, science and education on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

To achieve our special and important mission, we have established a set of VALUES that are very important to our common work.

1. SAFETY: We accept and comply with the requirements for occupational safety, fire safety, nuclear safety, radiation protection and environmental codes and standards. Safety of the personnel and public is our top priority over all other aspects of radioactive waste management.

2. HONESTY AND RESPECTABILITY: We work honestly, transparently and in good faith.

3. AIM FOR IMPROVЕMENT AND ACQUIRING OF KNOWLEDGE: We aim for continuous improvement of our work through education and training by applying the best international experience and storage and transfer of the knowledge acquired.

4. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: We take personal responsibility for our work, protection of the information obtained and property of the Enterprise.

5. TRANSPARENCY: We build trust with all stakeholders through transparency and openness in communications by paying special attention to the local community in the areas where our facilities are located.

Our goal in the long term perspective is to be dynamic, responsible and flexible organisation that fulfils the obligations to the benefit of society for safe radioactive waste management, protection of the public and environment, now and WITH CARE FOR THE FUTURE.