Mission and values


State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is responsible for the safe management of radioactive waste on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Modern man’s life is unimaginable without some technologies the application of which generates radioactive waste. Among them are those used in the nuclear energy field, in medical and industrial practices and scientific studies. Our role is to protect the society and nature from the effect of the detrimental waste generated as a result of the inevitable use of present-day technologies.

In our activities we count on the experience of our team of experts and on the best world practices and scientific achievements in the field of safe management of radioactive waste.

Our duty is to minimize the risk of deleterious effects of radioactive waste on the environment, society and generations to come.

To achieve our special and important mission, we have established a set of values that are very important to our common work – a united team, goals and achievements, innovation and creativity, and the awareness that we fulfil our duties by CARING FOR THE FUTURE.