Our organization


Legal status

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW) is a legal entity within the meaning of Article 62, paragraph 3) of the Commerce Act, established pursuant to Article 78, paragraph 1 of the Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy. The Enterprise has its head office in Sofia and specialized divisions in the country.


Management bodies of the Enterprise are:

1. The Minister of Energy;

2. The Management Board of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste;

3. The Executive Director.

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is represented by the Executive Director.

Organisational structure

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste consists of:

1. Head office;

2. Specialized Divisions at the location of nuclear facilities.

The Executive Director carries out the management of SERAW within the organisational and management structure, which has three management levels:

First level of management: Deputy Executive Director with responsibility for RAW management and decommissioning, Deputy Executive Director with responsibility for finance, administration and security, heads of divisions and heads of departments directly subordinated to the Executive Director;

Second level of management: Chief Engineers of Specialized Divisions and heads of departments;

Third level of management: Heads of sections.

A Technical Expert Committee and a Financial and Economic Committee were set up as permanent advisory boards to the Executive Director.

The functions,management and structure of SERAW are regulated in detail in the Rules of procedure of SERAW.