Our organization



State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is a legal entity under Art. 62, para. 3 of the Commercial Act, established pursuant to Art. 78, para. 1 of the Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy, having its headquarters in Sofia and specialized divisions across the country.


Management bodies of the Enterprise are:

  1. The Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism;
  2. The Management Board of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste;
  3. The Executive Director.

State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is represented by the Executive Director.


The Executive Director carries out the management of SE RAW within the organizational and management structure, which has three management levels: directorates and divisions; specialized divisions and departments; sections.

A Technical Expert committee and a Financial and Economic committee were set up as permanent advisory boards of the Executive Director.

Structurally, the head office consists of: Management Board, Executive Director, four directorates, two divisions and two departments, two advisory boards and an auditor.

The Decommissioning Directorate (DD) carries out activities on the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and includes Specialized Division Decommissioning – Kozloduy

(SD Kozloduy).

The Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RAWMD) carries out radioactive waste management activities. It includes: the Specialized Division Radioactive Waste – Kozloduy (SDRAW Kozloduy); the Specialized Division Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste – Novi Han (SD PRRAW Novi Han); and the Specialized Division – National Repository for Radioactive Waste (SD NRRAW).

The Finance and Accounts Directorate (FAD) carries out the overall material, financial and accounting service of the Enterprise.

The Safety and Quality Directorate (SQD) carries out technical management and internal control with regard to implementgation of the requirements for radiation safety in the process of radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.