Social responsibility


Among the basic values of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste is the deep respect for the local communities in the areas where RAW facilities are located, due to the understanding demonstrated by the people. With this attitude the Enterprise aims at being part of those communities’ social life via support and direct participation in different local initiatives. The contribution of SE RAW to the social life consists also in the holding of its own events, which correspond to the local cultural and sports traditions or propose innovative initiatives which could provoke the interest of the community. In this way SE RAW initiated several social events (Honey Feast, Children’s Easter Contest, meetings with retiree clubs and school groups etc.), which gradually became an annual tradition and are expected with interest and desire by the local communities.

By sharing the conviction that the host communities deserve special attention from the state for their tolerance, the Enterprise, together with the local authorities, undertook some legislative initiatives and as a result, in 2012, the regions of Kozloduy and Novi Han received for the first time a dedicated financial support for infrastructural projects of social importance. Funds for these initiatives are planned for the next 20 years.

As a socially responsible organization SE RAW also aims at: improving the overall living standards of its employees, providing adequate working conditions, improving their qualification, ensuring preventive medical care, and development of the social sphere. The Enterprise shows its respect for the labour and contribution of all members of SE RAW through different initiatives; a community is evolving, whose life as a single whole leans on the basic mission of the Enterprise – care for the people’s health and the environment.