Signals from stakeholders


In the implementation of its activity for radioactive waste management SERAW is trying to consider to the maximum extend the concern of the identified stakeholder for each specific project.

With regards to this a special instruction was developed and implemented. Its objective is to regulate the work of a functional mechanism through which SERAW:

  • Shall receive information for the doubts and concerns of the stakeholders and their complaints regarding its work in social and ecological aspect.
  •  Shall register the signals and will assist the resolving of the raised issues.

In the whole process for signals management shall be observed the principle the expressed concerns to be reviewed quickly and efficiently, using understandable and transparent procedure which is appropriate in cultural aspect and is easily accessible for the stakeholders. The complaints shall be reviewed for free and withouth counter sanctions for the applicants.

The signals and the complaints on behalf of the stakeholders shall be submitted:

  • By letter or in person at the following addresses:

52-A, G.M.Dimitrov Blvd, fl.6, Sofia, SERAW Headquarters

Kozloduy 3320, bl. 66 B, ent. А, SERAW Information Centre

Kozloduy 3321, Kozloduy NPP industrial site, SERAW Office of protocol

Official forms for signals and complaints:

Public Grievance Form BG
Public Grievance Form EN
Public Grievance Form RO

A printed form shall be provided to the complainant on request at one of the three physical addresses for submitting complaints.

All answers shall be prepared in fourteen business days period, counted from the date of receiving the complaint. If the case is more complicated in physical or legal aspect the deadline could be extended to 45 business days for which the complainant shall be explicitly informed.

Through the complaints and the signals there is realised a direct connection with the stakeholders, they are source of vital information, which results in undertaking the necessary measures for improving the respective aspect of the enterprise’s work.