An international expert meeting on the disposal of low-level radioactive waste was launched in Kozloduy


On 4th December 2017, a technical meeting organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) within the International Low-Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET), was initiated. A specific topic of the forum is the construction activities’ management of facilities for such purposes.

The event is hosted by State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW) and will continue until 8th December. It involves 21 experts from 18 countries located on five continents, as well as representatives from the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and all Specialised Divisions of SERAW.

The main objective of DISPONET is to share international experience and improve the practices and approaches in the low-level waste management. As it is known, the construction of a radioactive waste disposal facility is a complex project that has to consider multiple requirements during site selection, construction and commissioning. The entire project should be in strict compliance with the conditions of the licensing documentation, by taking into account the national regulatory requirements, good international practices and be implemented while maintaining good communication with all parties involved.

On the part of Bulgaria, the forum was opened by Sergey Tsochev, member of the Management Board of SERAW, with the words: I would like to believe that this technical meeting will face all these challenges and will respond to the questions you will raise in the course of the event. By sharing your national experience you will expand your knowledge and along with the IAEA practices and standards in this area you will bring home information about the world’s best achievements and better understanding of the topic discussed.