Ten years of SERAW internal photography contest


On 19 December 2018 a ceremony was held for the awards of the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SE RAW) internal photography contest in which 25 employees took part – a record number of people in the whole history of the competition.
The exciting theme “Bulgaria – Moments of Inspiration” filled the calendar for 2019 with impressive photographs of the beauties of Bulgaria. All participants were awarded for contributing the calendar and the first three places were adjudged to Georgi Genov – first Prize (Head Office – Sofia), Georgi Uzunov – second Prize (International Projects Division) and Genomir Genov – third Prize (SD Decommissioning of Units 1-4), who made a strong debut in the photo competition.
The awards were bestowed by Mrs. Margarita Korkinova, Executive Director “Finance, administration and security”, who congratulated the photographers for the courage to present their photos and wished to everyone: “Happy holidays, good health, fruitful New Year and success in the competition with the new theme “Earth, Air, Fire and Water”.