SERAW celebrated the International Danube River Day


On 29th June 2020 SERAW celebrated the International Danube River Day for the sixth consecutive year.
Volunteers from three of the Enterprise’s Specialized Divisions in Kozloduy gathered in the Botev Park, to contribute to aestheticization of the popular place to visit at the Danube’s coast. Participants in the event cleaned and refreshed with new flowers the rock gardens located around the memorial plaque of the captain of the Radetzki steamship – Dagobert Engländer. The stone corners exist since 2015, created and maintained by SERAW employees and with help of the workers from the Municipality of Kozloduy. Additionally the volunteers cleaned the adjacent territory and alleys in the Danube Park. The activities were carried out in compliance with the necessary restrictions imposed as prevention of COVID-19 infection.
The Danube River Day is celebrated annually on 29th June – the date on which the Danube River Protection Convention was signed. Drawing attention to the protection of the river and its tributaries is the event’s mission. The Day of one of the largest river systems in Europe, of people and wildlife located in its region, was celebrated for the first time in 2004.
As every year, SERAW employees were very actively involved in the Let’s Clean Kozloduy Together initiative, which took place three days earlier – on 26th June. In addition to logistical support with the necessary materials, the Enterprise also provided human resources. The volunteers removed waste and cleaned the areas in the Recreation and Sport Zone and the surrounding area near the Information Office of SERAW.
All the participants in both events were satisfied with the results of the work they’ve done. They discussed new ideas for expanding and diversifying the scope of such activities to improve the urban environment in the future.