SERAW received a visit from three prospective Nuclear Chemical Engineers


With clear awareness of the importance of the close connection between higher education institutions and enterprises, as well as in line with its motto “With care for the future”, SERAW provided full assistance in conducting a one-day visit to the enterprise by students majoring in “Nuclear Chemistry” at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Sofia University and their Head, Chief Assist. Plamen Petkov. It took place within a one-week summer training internship.

The Heads of the Specialized Divisions in Kozloduy presented with special diligence the main aspects of operations of the enterprise and the specific activities related to radioactive waste management.

Within their one-day visit, the university students visited Radiana site, where the construction of the National Disposal Facility Phase I is currently underway, and the Chief Engineer, Ira Stefanova, introduced them in detail to the design of the facility and future operation thereof. Ivan Petrov, Head of Radioactive Waste Treatment and Conditioning Department, explained about the responsibilities and challenges related to the decommissioning of the low power nuclear power reactors during a tour of the Turbine Hall of Units 1 to 4 and Control Room 2 and the observation glass, behind which the second nuclear power reactor is located, currently under decommissioning. Mr Petrov also answered all the questions raised after the tours and discussions. Before getting a closer look at the Free Release Measurement Facility, the practitioners were explained in detail by Yancho Dimov, Head of Inspection Body Type “C”, the categories of radioactive waste and conditions for release from regulatory control of materials containing radioactive substances. By presenting the extensive nature of work of the Radiochemistry Section, the interest of the university students was also attracted by its Head, Galina Neshovska, who explained on the spot in the laboratory about the route of the samples, the importance of the analyses and the work with the equipment. The group also met the Frenchwoman Marie Ango, who is currently conducting a three-month internship in the Radiochemistry Section in order to fulfill her ambition to graduate as a Chemical Engineer in Strasbourg. Mr. Anatoly Tsvetanov, Head of Operations, explained in detail the nature of work of SD RAW-Kozloduy and answered all the questions from the university students raised after the visit to the Storage Facility for Conditioned RAW.

At the end of their visit, Kristiana Atanasova, Trayche Tushev and Nikol Rangelova, who are third-year university students majoring in “Nuclear Chemistry” at Sofia University, expressed a clear interest in conducting a long term internship at SERAW in support of their training as prospective specialists in the field of nuclear energy. “I was amazed with the working environment, the professionalism and dedication of all those working at SERAW. I am impressed that the enterprise focuses on thinking about solving the problems of our and future generations and works exclusively towards the goal of sparing the future”, said Nikol. “The attendance to SERAW captured my ambition and desire for professional development as a foreign student with the privilege of being one of the few people who visited this place. Although the visit lasted only one day, all the SERAW’s personnel were engaged and kind to us and every moment was a great experience, which left a desire to revisit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because all of you were my guide for new ideas and opportunities in the future!”, the Macedonian university student Trayche Tushev did not hide his excitement. “I am very grateful for the opportunity I received – to see and get closely acquainted with the nature of work at SERAW and the people who work there. They were extremely responsive and friendly! I am very impressed with the organisation. The visit was very interesting and useful. I would be happy to visit the enterprise again and if possible I would like to do an internship there! Sincere thanks!”, Kristiana shared her impressions.