Infrastructure activities and preoperational monitoring on Site Radiana


The summer season is favourable for some preparation works of the terrain on which the National Disposal Facility for low and intermediate level radioactive waste (NDF) is to be built. The implementation of the project is a commitment of the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW).


At the beginning of July this year, we started the construction of a fence which will separate and precisely differentiate the site Radiana. In parallel, some other preparation activities for the terrain’s infrastructure are carried out, so the site will be prepared for the start of the actual repository construction. The preparation includes the moving of a water pipeline crossing the area and telecommunication cables (owned by BTC). “We have to relocate all communications outside the borders of the terrain owned by SERAW”, so said Ira Stefanova – Chief engineer of the Specialised Division NDF. At the same time, there are works for the provision of power supply because at this stage the site is not electrified.

The implementation of the programmes for pre-operational monitoring of future repository’s area continues as well. At the moment there are ongoing projects for monitoring types of highest priority: hydro-geological, radiation, geodetic. The seismic and meteorological monitoring are about to start.

The main task for SERAW regarding the NDF is to conduct again the procedure for public hearings for the environmental impact assessment report (EIAR), which was returned for an another review by the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) at the end of last year. The updated content and scope of the EIAR is submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and the Water and a statement is expected by developing at the same time the updated revision of the Report. It shall incorporate to the maximum extent all the comments presented in the SAC’s motives. “In the report, we add all new surveys and new knowledge gathered since 2011 (when the previous revision of the EIAR was presented to the public).The report will include the conclusions of all consultations made meanwhile with 97 different stakeholders”, said Mrs. Stefanova.