„We are a young organization in a young industry“


Dilyan Petrov

Executive director of SERAW:

„We are a young organization in a young industry“

Fifteen years are not a very long time in the life of an organisation. Which is why it’s interesting and even surprising to determine how many things have happened since the creation of State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” in 2004 until today.It’s enough to remember that in the first year around 15 people worked in the Enterprise, while today we are 1015 in four specialized divisions and Chief Administration – Sofia. The year after SERAW was established, the National Disposal Facility for low and intermediate level radioactive waste was just a government decree and today, the facility is being built before our eyes.  15 years ago decommissioning of nuclear units was barely discussed, but now we have the most modern infrastructure and facilities in order to decommission in the safest manner possible.

These facts are only markers in the distance that SERAW has covered in 15 years. If I have to describe the history of the Enterprise in one word, it would be dynamics. To me personally it’s an incredibly professional challenge to be a part of such progress that includes an increase in responsibilities, an upgrade of human resources, uprating the competences of the teams, introducing innovations.

My deep belief is that all of our achievements would have been impossible without the hard daily work of the employees at SERAW. These are collective achievements, for which the management team and I are incredibly thankful!

Every anniversary is a reason to do a retrospective and look forward. Maybe in the following years SERAW will not follow the rapid rate of development from previous years, but it will certainly carry on with its mission as an ecological organization (because we are such) to protect the people and the environment from the effects of radioactive waste, generated by modern man.

We are a young organization in a young industry – RAW management. And interest towards it increases globally, because people have to solve the RAW problem permanently and reliably. I believe that this is the direction which we will take – science, innovations, higher professional competence in the name of minimizing the risk of RAW.