The ring road of Kozloduy – with Act 16


On 11 December 2018 a meeting of the State Acceptance Commission took place for the Project Rehabilitation of road II-11 Kozloduy – Harlets. The nine members of the Commission were appointed by Order of the Head of the National Construction Supervision Directorate at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

On the basis of the site inspection, submitted documents and statements of its members, the Commission gave a positive conclusion on the conformity of the construction with the building documentation issued, and the normative requirements for the construction works. The commission members signed unanimously a Protocol 16 for establishing the fitness for use of the site.

The rehabilitation of the Kozloduy ring road started on 23 May 2018. The project was fully financed by the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF), administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD The investment was approved by the Fund’s Contributors after State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SE RAW) successfully justified it as a cost for part of the infrastructure required for the construction of the National Disposal Facility for Low- and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste.

The repairs of the road section included its full rehabilitation, including raising the elevations of numerous collapsed sections, and were carried out for about three months in full compliance with the Technical design approved by the Road Infrastructure Agency. The rehabilitation was implemented by Groma Hold EOOD (renamed from Agromah EOOD) and the independent construction supervision was carried out by Patinvest Engineering AD.

SE RAW expresses appreciation to all of the institutions and organisations involved in the implementation of the project, to the Contractor – for the proper and timely completion of the works, and to the Kozloduy Municipality – for its co-operation and facilitating the construction of a modern road infrastructure.