As tradition demands, SERAW supported the spring campaign to clean the town of Kozloduy


On the eve of Botev’s holidays, on 21st May, nearly 30 employees from the three Specialised Divisions of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste in Kozloduy supported for a year in a row the traditional campaign of cleaning the town arranged by the Municipality of Kozloduy. The work of the volunteers yielded a visible result in the sports and recreation area, around the “Mir” kindergarten and the green areas in front of the Information Centre of the Enterprise.
“It’s nicer when it’s clean! We need to learn this. I have a small child and this is the example I want to give him”, firmly said Vesela Georgieva, who joined the campaign for the first time as an employee of SERAW, but not for the first time taking part in such initiatives and was happy with her observation that in the recent years young people have become increasingly proactive with respect to the environment in which they live and work.
“For a cleaner environment, we need to be united both in work and in our way of thinking”, said Lyudmil Tsvetanov: “This is a great initiative for Kozloduy. I am from Montana and such campaigns are not arranged there. And it is important. Because we cannot rely on the self-initiative of the citizens. But when arrangements have been made, people will respond. It is also important how we were brought up and how we will raise our children.”