HONEY FESTIVAL 2023 a scene of hard work, knowledge and creativity


A record number of producers and craftsmen of the fourteenth edition of the traditional initiative of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW) – the Honey Festival, gathered over 2,000 visitors and guests on 17th and 18th February. Among them were representatives of the local authorities of Kozloduy and Mizia Municipalities, the beekeeping association from the town of Bregovo, many children and members of retirement clubs.

First grade students from the Hr. Botev Secondary School in Kozloduy, who called their community “the reactive bees”, contributed for the special emotional vibe of the Festival at its opening. In gratitude for their poetic participation in the event they personally received honey souvenirs from the executive director of SERAW – Dilyan Petrov, who officially started off the Festival.

The event met again the interests and needs of the numerous guests with an exhibition of various types of honey and bee products, medicinal and cosmetic products based on bee products from more than ten local producers and nearly thirty stands with unique collections of art objects. The women from Turlashka Mahala Retirement Club and Protected Housing in the village of Glozhene confirmed their participation once again with various homemade pastry and sweets. Their debut made the Dobrini Social Enterprise to Knigini Association from the village of Chelopek.

A significant part of the accompanying programme was oriented towards the youngest visitors. Maria Stoeva, a keeper of the Old Bulgarian crafts, introduced them to several arts: the arrangement of a colorful mosaic of faience and terracotta pieces; making a kaval from PVC pipe and reproducing the specific sound of the old instrument; bark weaving of belts to the Bulgarian folk costume and making of various objects from clay. As a result the children’s creative workshops were one of the most visited by both young and grown-ups during the two days of Honey Festival 2023.

To the interest of more than 20 people attending, professionally oriented to beekeeping, lecturers from the University of Forestry, Sofia, focused on the innovations and current problems in the field, where the subject of the Empty Beehive Syndrome and the collapse of bee colonies caused the most questions.

Volunteers from the Municipal Children’s Complex – The Personal Development Center, and students from two of Kozloduy High Schools, made the whole atmosphere of the Festival better with dedication and hard work.

Within the event, time was also provided for familiarizing the participants with the mission and essence of work of the National Radioactive Waste Management Operator – SERAW, and the conversation naturally turned into a casual discussion and ultimately confirmed the belief that bees are doing a natural monitoring of the safe operation of the Enterprise.