Specialised division for RAW processing and conditioning completed successfully in advance the Schedule for 2014



Completion towards the annual Schedule, in %

Receiving and processing of solid compactable and non-compactable (metal) RAW, m3


Receiving and processing of liquid RAW, m3


Decontamination of metal RAW, t



The schedule is prepared annually on grounds of the production capacity of the technological RAW processing lines in the RAW Processing Workshop and the waste amounts of the corresponding categories (in accordance with the valid licenses for operating the facilities, property of SERAW,
SD RAW – Kozloduy) that have been declared for handover by Kozloduy NPP Plc and agreed with SD RAW – Kozloduy.

The schedule incorporated also the amounts of RAW to be received by SD Units 1-4 Decommissioning as well as the amounts of “historical” RAW (generated by previous operations) from site Limestone storage facility.

The waste currently generated from the operation or maintenance of the Power Units has been received with priority while the historical RAW – depending on the production capacity of the Workshop. The receiving and processing of RAW was synchronised with the annual outages of the operational nuclear units as well as the planned maintenance of the RAW processing lines in the RAWPW.

By the end of the year the activities on the reconstruction of the Repository for contaminated soils on the Limestone storage facility Site were completed. The planned construction and installation works to enhance the floor covering, to build a bypass path, a site for loading and unloading, the construction of ventilation and lighting system were completed in full. It is provided, the Repository for contaminated soils temporarily to host low- and intermediate waste inert materials from the dismantling works of SD Uints 1-4 Decommissioning, contaminated soils, dried sludge and depositions etc.

The main task for the management and the SD RAW-Kozloduy personnel in 2015 along with the implementation of the schedule is to prepare the documentation required in relation to the renewal of the facility’s license for its operation as a facility for RAW management.