Specialised Division for RAW processing reported overfulfilment of its programme in 2015 and makes preparations for equipment modernisation


For Specialised Division Radioactive Waste – Kozloduy (SD RAW – Kozloduy), 2015 was recorded as a year with fulfilled scheduled tasks regarding the receiving, processing and conditioning of radioactive waste (RAW). The receiving of the RAW amount declared by the Nuclear Power Plant for handover in 2015 was ensured through a Schedule for handover of RAW from KNPP Plc. to SD RAW – Kozloduy in 2015. The rest of the waste, not related to the current generation of RAW by the KNPP, is scheduled for receiving in accordance with the capabilities of the RAW processing lines of the RAW Treatment Plant. Priority is given to receiving of RAW from SD Decommissioning Units 1-4 followed by “historical” RAW, which has the role of a buffer that controls the loading of the processing lines. The Chief Engineer of the Specialised Division – Mr. Rumen Shishkov informed that “the significant increase of the percentage of solid RAW processed against the schedule (see the table below) is due to the constant challenges that our teams involved in the decommissioning are faced with, as well as the necessity for improving the infrastructure i.e. the sites for temporary storage of dismantled equipment.”
On 28 April 2015, the License awarded to SD RAW – Kozloduy for operation of a RAW management facility expired after a 7 year validity period. In this period all License conditions were fulfilled and duly reported to the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (BNRA). According to the Act on the Safe Use of Nuclear Energy, the preparations for renewal of the License for operation of a nuclear facility shall begin 18 months before the expiration of the valid one. During these months the specialists of
SD RAW – Kozloduy made a lot of efforts to prepare the documentation for the License renewal. Almost all effective internal regulations, instructions, procedures, including the Safety Analysis Report of the facility were updated. All documents were harmonised with the current legislation, good practices in the field of RAW management and the current state of the facility.

The new License, issued by BNRA, is of series E, registration No. 4805 of 28 April 2015, has a 10 year validity period. The maximum length of the validity of the Licence awarded as provided for by the Bulgarian legislation is recognition for the skills, experience and competence of the specialists in providing long term and safe operation of the RAW Management Plant.
During the second half of the last year, the efforts were focused on the Pre-design study for Reconstruction and Modernisation of structures, systems and components (SSC) supporting the technological process for treatment of RAW received at SD RAW-Kozloduy as a result of decommissioning activities on Units 1 to 4 of Kozloduy NPP. This modernisation started a new project by which SERAW applied for funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Terms of Reference for the design will be prepared in 2016 and submitted to EBRD for non-objection.

Implementation of the SD RAW – Kozloduy Schedule for the activities involving RAW processing and conditioning in 2015.


Completion towards the annual Schedule, in %

Receiving and processing of solid compactable and non-compactable (metal) RAW, m3


Receiving and processing of liquid RAW, m3


Decontamination of metal RAW, t