Student internship at SERAW


In the summer of 2020, SERAW opened up an opportunity for conducting several student internships.

Srebrin Kolev and Ivan Stoyanov from the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” got acquainted with various aspects of the subject of activity of the enterprise in an intensive one day programme through lectures and visits to the facilities. Sophomores Selina and Evangeline Stoyanovi are studying Computer Design and Mechanical Engineering Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia. They worked for three weeks with their mentors from Engineering Support Division – Vasko Stamenov and Yordan Penchev. Melisa Patrashkova, a student from the New Bulgarian University, a future Public Relations specialist, actively participated in a two-week internship programme. Supported by the mentor Rozina Rusinova, she got acquainted with the basic principles and practices in SERAW’s information policy.

The interaction in the summer practice brought professional and emotional satisfaction to all participants.


Srebrin Kolev: “It was very interesting! I learned first-hand – from the colleagues in SERAW, how important the process of decommissioning of nuclear facilities is. Everything is very well arranged, planned and scheduled henceforth. I realized for myself that professionalism comes here first.”

Ivan Stoyanov: “In such a short period of time we received such a comprehensive information from various specialists. It was extremely interesting for me to be a part of all this, even if only for one day.”

Selina Stoyanova: “Given what we are studying and what you have provided us as an information, it has been a very interesting and useful internship for us. Now we have an idea, in fact, of how much more we need to upgrade our knowledge.”

Evangeline Stoyanova: “We received so much intriguing information. Our specialty is related to design and mechanical engineering and our mentors emphasized, provided knowledge and examples in that regard, more precisely adapted to our university education. We are very grateful for this approach and attention.”

Melisa Patrashkova: “I was very surprised by all the attention I’ve received during the programme. I have heard of formal practices that consist only in obtaining a certificate – a document for participation. In my case, the internship exceeded my expectations, for me it was an extremely interesting experience. Most of the people from my family work in SERAW, but it is now for the first time I really and completely understood what the subject of activity of the enterprise is. My university specialty is related to organizational activities and I managed to work exactly on this topic at SERAW, in addition to the fully technical operations, there are many community events that require work and attention.”


Vasko Stamenov: “It is obvious that Selina and Evangeline understand what they are studying and this is done willingly. This impressed me the most. The topics I presented to them under the programme are very specific; you need to have some routine in order to understand them. I was amazed that they asked a lot of interesting questions, even a specialist with experience in this field would find it difficult to notice some of the details that the girls paid attention to. It was a great pleasure to be a mentor. I would address them like this: One day, when you graduate and you are willing to do so, it will be nice to join our team. We need intelligent people like you. You must rely on your skills, but also trust the others. As you have felt the atmosphere here, so I wish you to understand after certain time how important the team is and to be able to trust it for everything – then things really happen.

Yordan Penchev: “The technology that I introduced to the interns is still in the process of implementation – 3D model of decommissioning in the Controlled Area. I was pleasantly surprised by the adequacy of the questions asked by the girls. We will continue to keep in touch by email to respond to their interest, to give them the opportunity to learn more about what lies ahead in this process. I hope to see them someday again here as colleagues.”

Rozina Rusinova: “I was very impressed by the seriousness and personal discipline with which Melisa treated her duties as an intern. Strict observance of the working hours, diligent performance of each task. I would say that she has already established work habits, which is a little unusual for her age. We worked very actively, and the most valuable thing was her desire to learn.”

“I believe that from now on you will have a much more realistic view of your future professional fulfilment. Believe in yourself and in the team you will create in the future. Good luck, be in perfect health!” With these words at the end of the internship programmes, the Chief Engineer of SD Decommissioning of Units 1-4 – Plamen Petkov, gave the student internship certificates on behalf of SERAW’s management.