Three young “Chief Engineers” managed the Specialised Divisions of SE RAW for a day


I am glad that I was part of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW). I learned new things which would be useful for me in the future. I hope to have the opportunity to be part of Mr. Plamen Petkov’s team”, so Venislav Ivanov expressed his impressions of his position as “Chief Engineer for a day” of SD Decommissioning of Units 1-4. The young man, a student at Vocational School of Nuclear Energy Igor Kurchatov, participated in the morning briefing of the Specialised Division’s management and after that he made a long walkdown to see the facilities – Turbine hall, the sites for temporary storage of dismantled equipment and the Free Release Measurement Facility.
Colleagues of Venislav on 12 Ocotber 2017, when the National initiative “Manager for a day” took place, were Krasimira Trendafilova – having the position of Chief Engineer of SD RAW – Kozloduy and Denitsa Milchovska who became Chief Engineer of the National Disposal Facility for Low- and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste.
My impression as a Chief Engineer of SD RAW – Kozloduy is that everything is much more complex and responsible that I expected, so Krasimira shared at the end of her working day. Everything was very organized. I was surrounded by great people from who I learn not only about the working atmosphere, but also plenty of important tips and tricks about the environment there. Everyone has tried to make our day filled with new knowledge and impressions”, so summarized Denitsa her day as a manager.