Students from the Professional High School of Nuclear Energy Igor Kurchatov – in an IAEA competition


Within the deadline 20 May 2020, a team of students from specialty “Radioactive Waste Management” in Professional High School of Nuclear Energy Igor Kurchatov participated in the second stage of an international competition announced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The background

In November last year, the Professional High School received an invitation by the IAEA to participate in a prestigious high school student’s competition whose topic was “Challenges and Opportunities”.  According to the rules, the students should submit a project that encourages the discussions and raises awareness in relation to the use of digital technologies supporting the education in nuclear power engineering industry, with a focus on its role in dealing with climate changes. The competition’s finalists will have the opportunity to present in person their projects at the Nuclear Knowledge Management and Human Resources Development conference in Moscow, where the winning team will be announced.

The Professional High School accepted the challenge by forming a team consisting of three girls from 8 “В” grade – Aneliya Dzhurkova, Anna-Maria Ivanova and Katrin Spasova, students in the specialty “Radioactive Waste Management”. As a first step, the Professional High School of Nuclear Energy presented by 31st January a project summary, with which they could participate in the competition under the guidance of their class manager Engineer Nadezhda Randelova. On 21st February, the IAEA announced the teams whose summaries were approved.  The project of the Professional High School of Nuclear Energy Igor Kurchatov was selected for implementation among 200 other teams from 30 countries and was admitted to the next stage of the competition.  The Professional High School of Nuclear Energy has sent its project “Nuclear future for a clean planet”, but given the current situation with the spread of the COVID-19, the IAEA has postponed the announcement of the finalists.

The team and its ideas

“We, the students from the only Bulgarian school, which educates prospective personnel for the first nuclear power plant in Kozloduy, have accepted the challenge to participate in the IAEA’s International Student Competition. In the “Nuclear future for a clean planet” project that we have sent, we have shown how the training opportunities in the “Nuclear Energy” specialty and the one we are currently studying “Radioactive Waste Management”, could be combined”. We have also presented the current practices for implementation of our ideas by using the innovations and STEM training in the newly launched “Radioactive Waste Management” specialty and “Nuclear Energy” specialty. By our project, we are sending the young people a message of sharing and following our activities, which boost the learning motivation, acquiring and applying of our knowledge. We are inspired not only by the opportunity of presenting our ideas, but also of improving our socialization and communication with coevals from all over the world based on our shared vision of the important role of the nuclear power engineering industry. In the project, we share real facts and noticeable results from the education and school life in the Professional High School of Nuclear Energy and our partnership with State Enterprise Radioactive Waste and Kozloduy NPP Plc.

The future sustainable development of the nuclear technology and its role in dealing with climate changes are directly linked to the save operation of the nuclear facilities. We are convinced that only through emission free electricity generation by nuclear power plants and safe management of the radioactive waste, we can save the future of our planet.”