Young managers had a six-hour working day at the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste


Six young managers took key management positions at the State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” (SE RAW) on October 30, 2018, as part of the national initiative “Manager for a Day”, organised by Junior Achievement – Bulgaria.
Ventsislav Kirov, Emanuil Balachev, Antoan Chervenski, Stefan Dzhurkov and Silvana Stoyanova from Igor Kurchatov Professional School of Nuclear Energy in Kozloduy headed the work in the Specialised Divisions Decommissioning Unit 1-4, National Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste, Radioactive Waste, International Projects Division and the Information Centre. The day of Kalina Koleva from the Acad. Lubomir Tchakalov National High School of Mathematics, in the role of the Executive Director, started with the Head Office of the Enterprise in Sofia with an introduction of the current tasks, after which she arrived in Kozloduy for a meeting with her colleagues.
For the time when they managed the activities in the SERAW, the young managers participated in operative meetings, distributed tasks, held internal correspondence, attended technical councils and visited main facilities closely guided by their mentors. Nearly the 6-hour working day for all ended with a big joint work meeting, where the “Executive Director” brought to the attention of the other young managers and their mentors real topics related to the implementation of the SERAW tasks until the end of the year.
At the end, the young people who participated in the initiative expressed common conclusions that the effective management of such positions requires a great deal of knowledge and competence, as well as the ability to be responsible. Here are more of their impressions.
Ventsislav Kirov: I will remember the day of the observation spot, where we saw the Reactor hall of Units 1 and 2, which are no longer operational. I learned a lot of new things and that the RAW management s a promising area in which it is worth investing time and effort. I also want to thank all the people who took the time to show us so much of their work.
Emanuil Balachev: It was interesting to look at the facilities and learn about the new installations that are being introduced into the RAW management processes. I feel excited and this increases my interest in the work of the Enterprise.
Antoan Chervenski: I am extremely impressed with the technology for treatment, compacting and cementing of solid and liquid RAW – In the Specialised Division I was told a lot about this. I was delighted with the wish someday to take the position of Chief Engineer and at this stage I set this as a priority.
Stefan DzhurovI had a very nice day. I witnessed how the work with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other international institutions goes. There has never been a chance for me to see such a process.
Silvana Stoyanova: I am very pleased – by the way we were received, by the things we learned. I was particularly impressed by the temporary storage facility and the information we got about the cubes in there. I think this day could influence my future decisions.
Kalina Koleva: I think the most complicated aspect in the work of the Executive Director in such an enterprise is to consider the tasks to be given and to whom to deligate them. It is definitely a great responsibility to think of more than a thousand people. The whole day is in my head, but I think the most exciting moment was, when I met the executive director, very memorable. In fact, I took part in the morning meeting, we looked at a few issues. My visit to Kozloduy gave me an opportunity to develop a real overview of the SERAW; so far it was only theoretical. I think that the professions related to RAW management are still gaining popularity and this area is certainly a perspective in the future. I find it would be very interesting to work this. I love chemistry very much, and after today I am impressed with the possibilities of the radiochemistry. I realize that this means a lot of learning and I accept it because I know that whatever I’m going to do in the future – it will somehow mean a lot of learning.