An Experimental Loess-cement is Being Built at NDF Site


At the end of May the implementation of an interesting scientific practical project started at Radiana site – it is a part of the preliminary preparation for the construction of the future storage facility. The project will be realised by ...

SERAW carried out a public hearing for the NDF EIA Report


The updated EIA report incorporates completely the current European requirements for protection of the environment, life and health of the people and guarantees the highest rate of safety during the project implementation on the Radiana Site near the town of ...

Preparation works on the NDF site


On the 2nd of July 2014, a symbolic “first spade in the ground” was made on the site of the planned National Disposal Facility for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste (NDF). This started the construction of a fence on the ...

SERAW receives the ownership over Radiana site


On its meeting on 3 July 2013 the Council of Ministers took decision to grant to SERAW for administration and management two land properties of total area 440 dca. Before that the land was property of the Ministry of Agriculture ...