Information Centre


The Information Center for Decommissioning of the State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” was found/established in response to the public’s needs for accurate and up-to-date information on the processes of safe management of low- and medium-level radioactive waste produced on the territory of Bulgaria.

The team responsible for the enterprise information policy is ready to bring to the attention of visitors:

  • Photo exhibition of facilities and activities from the Specialized Divisions “Radioactive waste”, ” Specialized Division Decommissioning of Units 1-4.”, “Permanent repository for radioactive waste” and “National Disposal Facility for radioactive waste”, which have strict access control;
  • Constant exposure to measuring and specific technique;
  • Temporary and themed exhibitions;
  • Printed and video materials on the structure, management and financing of the enterprise, as well as on typical activities of the radioactive waste management processes;
  • Professional information and answers to questions from the public.

The Information Center for Decommissioning is open every weekday from 8:00am to 16:30pm for individual, family and group visits.


phone: 02 9035 011


Address: Kozloduy 3320, Vasil Vodenicharski St. 2A