Information Centre


Trust based on information and knowledge

The information center of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste in Kozloduy was founded in the end of 2007 as a response to the acknowledged necessity among the local public for more structured and well communicated information about the activities of the Enterprise. Within the territory of Kozloduy Municipality there are two functional SERAW specialized divisions and the project for the National Repository for low- and intermediate level radioactive waste is to be realized.

The information policy of the SE RAW management is based on the conviction that the people of Kozloduy Municipality have the right to know everything about the installations and technologies for radioactive waste (RAW) management. With the understanding that SE RAW can and shall accomplish its mission for safe management of RAW only in cooperation with the public, a Communication program for dialog with the people of Kozloduy and the region was initiated during the spring of 2008. The program’s preparation and realization are based on the idea that the good partnership is founded on honest conversation and trust that comes from the objective information.

On these grounds, the Information center of SE RAW in Kozloduy conducts information campaigns for several years, which campaigns address different groups of people depending on their professions, age, social status, general interests, etc. Some of these campaigns turned into traditional social events with wide popularity. Within the framework of these events as well as other informative seminars, meetings and other initiatives, the lack of information in the field of radioactive waste management in Bulgaria was gradually overcome and SE RAW receives increasingly public support for the implementation of its mission.

In the Information center of SE RAW you can:

- receive basic information about the activity of the only organization in Bulgaria involved in the safe management of RAW;

- see a model of the future National repository;

- watch a documentary about the SE RAW activity;

- receive printed copies of information materials;

- ask your questions related to the work of SE RAW;

- make proposals for improvement of the Enterprise’s information policy.


Phone: +359-973-80096


Picture: Artwork, honored with a special prize during the SE RAW’s first edition of the applied arts contest for children – Our green future (2008).