SE RAW awarded students for essay about “Safe Management of RAW”


At a special ceremony, the State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” (SE RAW) awarded students from secondary schools in Kozloduy, who took part in a secondary school essay and presentation competition on the topic: “Why it is important to manage radioactive waste safely”. The main idea of the competition is to encourage the efforts of young people in their desire to expand their knowledge and enrich their basic culture on the subject of radioactive waste, with the emphasis being placed on one of the main principles in the activities of SE RAW – safety.
In the three categories of the knowledge presentation competition – presentation, team presentation and essay – a total of thirty students from the three secondary schools in the nuclear capital participated, and the first prize winners are: Zornitsa Ivanova, the team of Tsvetan Tsvetanov and Michael Yotov, as well as Kalina Mihailova – all four from the 10th A class of Secondary school “Hristo Botev”. The ranking is a result of a careful review and reading of the works, and each of them received a grade according to the six-point system by the Chief Engineers of the Specialized Divisions on the territory of Kozloduy: Momchil Kazakov (Units 1-4.”), Ivan Petrov (SD “RAW ” – Kozloduy”) and Ira Stefanova (NDF RAW”), as well as by Borislav Iliev (Chief Technologist at SDD Units 1-4.”). The members of the jury, who also presented the awards, did not hide their joy at the expressions of interest in the topic and emphasized the efforts of some contestants “to expand the search for information beyond the limits of what is available on the Internet and to rely on living documents” in the preparation of their work . In addition to certificates for the first places and prizes, the four winners in the competition will have the opportunity to visit and examine the facilities of the Enterprise at the “Kozloduy” and “Radiana” sites.
The event took place at the Information Center for Decommissioning on March 28, and is a fun fact that, the timing coincided with the first anniversary of the Radiana Student Knowledge Club, which arose in response to student interest in the topic of radioactive waste expressed during of their visits to the Information Center.
At the end of the ceremony, the participants of the competition had the honor to be the first to watch an informational footage, which was about the successfully completed operations of removing the first two steam generators from the compartment of Unit 3.