SERAW celebrated its 18th anniversary with a corporate event and creating of artworks


State Enterprise Radioactive Waste celebrated its eighteenth year of its establishment* with an annual management meeting with key employees in the building of the new Information Centre for Decommissioning.

The official part of the event was preceded by the performance of two songs with which the children from the vocal ensemble “Shturotreska” welcomed the guests. In his welcoming speech, the Executive Director of SERAW, Dilyan Petrov, said: “Dear colleagues, congratulations on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of SERAW, although we all know that the establishment of the radioactive waste management unit began back in 1989 at Kozloduy NPP. We started from very small-size structural units, but we can now say that we are a large and well-developing enterprise. I am confident that we will continue in the same direction. I hope that the nuclear industry in Bulgaria will have a future. We can see for ourselves how much our country relies on the nuclear power plant and I will not hide my hopes for constructing new builds in the name of our energy security. SERAW, as an organization, also performs extremely important functions, because electric power generation from NPP is accompanied by the generation of radioactive waste, which must be reliably managed. I think we are now at a sufficiently mature age to bear the heavy responsibility for the safe management of radioactive waste.”

The Chief Engineers of the Specialized Divisions within the structure of the Enterprise presented to their colleagues a summary of the prime responsibilities associated with the main activities of each of the four divisions, and the Plasma Melting Facility technology, which is unique to the country, was presented in a short video.

Specially selected teams from all Specialized Divisions managed with the difficult task of presenting visually the specifics of their job by creating artworks made of materials typical of their job, which in turn piqued professional interest and dialogue between the colleagues. Representatives of the oldest structural unit at SERAW – Permanent Repository for Radioactive Waste in Novi Han, put on display a large exhibition of measuring equipment, various types of dosimetric instruments and fire alarm ionizing detectors with the radiation source removed. Their colleagues from the National Disposal Facility for Low- and Intermediate-Level Radioactive Waste assembled a composition of concrete samples periodically taken over time in the process of building the disposal facility. Specialized Division Decommissioning of Units 1-4 recalled the long-run efficient operation of the small nuclear power units with the idea of an impressive flower-stand made from parts of the equipment and machinery that operated there and was subsequently decommissioned. Specialized Division Radioactive Waste – Kozloduy “extended” its activities beyond the Controlled Area through a created mini installation of baskets, big bags, drums and photographic materials, representing part of the actual radioactive waste conditioning route.

The artworks with added cognitive value will remain available on display as exhibits in the building of the Information Centre for Decommissioning.

* The official registration of State Enterprise Radioactive Waste as a legal entity was on 8 June 2004.