Progress of the Project for the Construction of a National Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste


Main priority of SERAW is the construction of a National Disposal Facility for Low- and Intermediate Level RAW (NDF). Series of activities grouped in several directions were performed to ensure the progress of the project:

Activities on the EIA of the NDF
The initiation of the renewed Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure of the investment proposal for the construction of NDF was a major priority of SERAW. Following the policy of transparency some consultations on the Assessment’s scope were conducted with more than 90 stakeholders. These consultations were incorporated in the revised terms of reference of the scope and content of the Environment Impact Assessment. The updated EIA Report included numerous new developments of SERAW and the current requirements.

Activities on the NDF design
The work was continued on the preparation of the Technical specification for the development of a Detail design and Phase 1 of the NDF construction. Meanwhile SERAW received a revised version of the Intermediate Safety Analysis Report (ISAR).

Activities on the pre-operational monitoring programmes
During the past year we continued the programmes for pre-operational monitoring of the NDF site – geodesic, radiation, hydrologic monitoring and geochemical analyses. As part of the control preparations of the SERAW experts, some contracts were concluded for the delivery of equipment for control of the loess-cement cushion and the concrete structures.

Activities on the Site Radiana preparations
In the summer of 2014 the project for the construction of a fence around Site Riadiana was initiated and the activities were performed in accordance with the schedule updated under the supervision of SERAW, an independent supervision and the fence’s designer. Meanwhile some works were performed for the future relocation of a water pipe, transmission line Elba and telecommunication cables located on Site Radiana. Some actions were also made for the relocation of a section of an irrigation channel that crosses the area of the future facility, by obtaining an approval from the institutions on the Detailed Spatial Plan – a parcel plan for the relocation of the irrigation channel. State Forestry Department – Oryahovo started clearing the Site Radiana from the wood which is property of State Forestry Fund. Steps were taken to create an access through a temporary road which to ensure the passage of the heavy transport machinery.