SD PRRAW – Novi Han accomplished successfully the work and modernisation programmes for 2014


The handing over of RAW to SD PRRAW – Novi Han is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation on the terms and procedure for delivery of radioactive waste to the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste.
The achievements of the division during the anniversary 2014 are:

    321 work and transport container containing 854  spent sealed radioactive sources were treated in the Hot Chamber facility
    25 000 sources of ionizing radiation (SIR) were dismantled from 12 110 ionization fire detectors.
    22.4 m2 coverage area from 14 containers of type UTK D 11 was decontaminated;
    8.15 m3 of low level secondary radioactive waste, evacuated from the repository for liquid RAW by the Liquid RAW Processing System, were processed;
    0.1031 m3 of liquid RAW were conditioned in cement;
    2.6 m3 of compactable radioactive waste were extruded – PPE (gloves, masks, overalls) including vegetation samples, laboratory consumables and packages;
    Activities were carried out in preparation of 48 financial evaluations, 48 contract agreements , 49 conformity inspections, 45 acceptances and 44 transports of RAW and radioactive substances.
In 2014 the planned phase of the special programme of SD PRRAW – Novi Han for 2014 was complete – irradiating facility type Gamma 1300 with 112 SIR and gamma-therapy facility Rokus were received. The project refers to the receiving of RAW from previous practices and it is financed by the United States Department of Energy as part of the Global Radiological Threat Reduction Initiative

In 2014 a large scale investment programme was complete, as a result of which the inner perimeter retention fence of the disposal facility was repaired entirely. Some investment projects were also implemented for asphalting the fire trace and constructing an adjacent drain ditch; for protection of over 500 m2 of concrete cover on the site against external impacts by laying polished concrete.

In the end of the past year, the specialised division developed and implemented a pilot project which was performed for a first time for the purposes of the RAW management.
Team of specialists from SD PRRAW – Novi Han retrieved 18 tons of Ammonium Uranyl Tricarbonate placed in 38 drums and repacked them in 58 euro-containers. Special technology was developed for this purpose and an original technical solution was implemented for the retrieval and repacking. Technological equipment and specialised lifting equipment by which the task was complete were delivered on Site Eleshnitza, Municipality of Razlog. This technology was used to repack the Uranium concentrate into certified euro-containers in order to be transported in accordance with the requirements of ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road, Class 7 – radioactive substances).