SE RAW celebrated Danube Day with exciting adventures for the children


State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” continues its mission to pass on to young people the idea of caring for the river with the ninth annual celebration of the International Danube Day on June 29.

This year, the initiative focused exclusively on children – on the way they perceive the fact that they live in the town of Kozloduy, along the Danube, and on the responsibility that follows. Immediately their attitude towards this natural resource appeared when they started single-handedly to create masterpieces, such as images of the Radetzky steamship on a white stones, some of the biodiversity along the river, landscapes from the coast, embroideries and others. Especially exciting for the participants between the age of 4 and 11 was the game, which involved the discovery of ten treasures, hidden in the meadows around and above the Hristo Botev monument, in which the children proved their ability to orient themselves by reading a map, show speed and intelligence. Each “treasure” contained interesting information about the Danube. The river bank was welcoming for holding a “Stone Skipping” competition and children and adults once again improve their knowledge about the Danube River with the traditional for the programme, quiz.

In the meantime, employees from the specialized divisions of the enterprise got involved in the activities of cleaning and improving the rock gardens, created in stages in “Botev Park” during the years of commemoration of the International Danube Day.

‘The Danube Day’ is annually celebrated on 29th June – the date on which the international Danube River Protection Convention was signed by eleven countries and the European Community. The mission of the initiative is to draw attention to the protection of the river and its tributaries. The Day of one of the largest riverine ecosystems in Europe, of people and wildlife located in its region, was first celebrated in 2004.